21 Sep

How to choose the right concrete

How to choose the right concrete

We import our own high quality cement which is a Portland Cement 52.50R CEM I cement that complies with BS EN 197-1:2011  (top quality fast setting high early strength) cement. We not only use this cement for our own concrete plant but we also sell and distribute this cement to a wide range of customers using bulk tankers.

The number following the letters refers to the Newton strength of the concrete.

  • C8 *Gen 0 – This mix is used for stabilising underground pipe work or as a dry backing when installing roadside kerbing, erecting posts or for general use where no real strength is required. Other lean mixes available are 12:1 and 18:1 which can be produced fry or semi dry.
  • C10 * Gen 1/C15 * Gen 2 – Both these mixes can be used as foundation or footing mixes for non-load bearing walls, garden walls up to 900mm high and footing mixes for house construction.
  • C20 * Gen 3 – This level of mix may be required as slab foundation for houses or bungalows. It is also used when replacing or making good existing floors. It is also used in farming as a general yard mix as it is strong enough to support light machinery and livestock usage.
  • C25/30 – These mixes are used for footings in house construction where the ground is soft or unstable. It can also be used as slab foundation for the floors of houses and bungalows, also as a base for hard-standings and pathways.
  • C30/C35 – These are structural concrete mixes for roadways, access to farms or anywhere large, heavy vehicles require access on a regular basis. Durable mixes to withstand heavy wear and strong enough to withstand the ever-changing climate, continuous heavy rain, frost, snow and prolonged dry periods.
  • C32/40 – Used widely in farming for the construction of slurry and silage pits. In this environment, it is required to have the strength to contain tonnes of waste product and a strong mix (ie cement content) to withstand the acids and chemicals produced by the content which often stays in the pits for long periods of time.
  • RC 20 up to 50 – (Reinforced Concrete) – Concrete in which steel is embedded in such a manner that the two materials act together in resisting forces. The reinforcing steel—rods, bars, or mesh—absorbs the tensile, shear, and sometimes the compressive stresses in a concrete structure.

For additions to the mix to add strength, reduce cracking or to increase the workability of the concrete please click here.

(* Equivalent of)